I'd Call you But it's Christmas (2005)

I can’t find anything more to say outside of my pictures. The details of my stories vaporize with words. I hope this exhibition of stories speak truthfully to the viewer, at a time when words are under siege. ~Paul Solberg


In 2009 Dotson Rader gave me the book Great Poets of World War I. It took me a while to open the pages, thinking there were more interesting subjects to read about. But I eventually opened the book and couldn’t put it down, drawn into these arresting poems from these kids on the front lines nearly 100 years ago.

Smith, VAULT Magazine

Cristopher Makos and Paul Solberg are the Hilton Brothers. Makos (Lowell, Massachusetts, 1948) lived in New York in the 1960s and 1970s, was a photographer for Andy Warhol's Interview magazine and made the extraordinary series of 365 photos in which the Factory's pattern was traversed using all kinds of wigs. Solberg (Saint Paul, Minnesota, 1969) studied Anthropology trapped by photography who ends up becoming an artist. Separately they are interesting personalities, together they are surprising, and together and separated at the same time compose a very powerful exhibition: the baptized Mistaken identity, which can be seen in the Cultural Space Caja Madrid, Barcelona, ​​until next March 29.

JM Matri Font, EL PAIS, Spain
Vermeer, 2014

“Francis Bacon said in an interview, ‘Thank God I didn’t go to art school.'”

Rosemary Feitelberg, WWD
Dead Sea, 2009

From Sicily to Jordan, Cairo to Vietnam, back to the wild and the un-wild American west; from the skin of a flower petal, to ethereal portraits of sailors, Ten Years in Pictures showcases rising photographer Paul Solberg’s diverse and poignant photographs.

La Redaction, L'Oeil de la Photographie
Barclay, 2014

Ten Years in Pictures, Paul Solberg’s fifth photographic compendium, is a catalogue of ethnographic encounters with a startling diversity of artistic topography; drawing together sepia sailors, haunted soldiers, priests, Wild West horses, flower petals and Ai Weiwei that have gathered together in his lens across the years.

Suzanna Swanson Johnston, ROOMS Magazine
Contortion, 2010

Cameras everywhere. Electricity blazing. Everyone is taking pictures, but few are looking through a viewfinder.

SHOOT ME Magazine

Foram 32 anos até que as fotos de Andy Warhol caracterizado como mulher, feitas em 1981, chegassem ao Brasil. Mas o autor das imagens, o norte-americano Christopher Makos, não poderia estar mais feliz com o "timing" da exposição "Lady Warhol", em cartaz no Museu de Arte Moderna (MAM) de São Paulo.



Luisa Pecora, Ultimo Segundo Cultura
Solberg at studio

Paul Solberg’s soldiers photos are subtle and reflective, said Klein. “Paul captured the innocence of those offering their lives to serve our country beautifully. His photos are both fragile and powerful at once.” - Calvin Klein

Jason Sheftell, New York Daily News
Paul Solberg began experimenting with the Polaroid
SX-70 camera and film process in 2009, testing temperature extremes and the response of various films. Freezing film, heating film, searching for a particular characteristic he didn’t know until he saw it. Read More...
Le Journal

In 2010, Paul Solberg looped a Polaroid camera around his neck and headed to the west side of Manhattan for Fleet Week. The photographer, who is one half of The Hilton Brothers, wanted to "strike up conversations with the sailors and marines," he said in an email to The Huffington Post. After getting some great shots, Solberg biked home and later discovered the expired film stock he used was quickly deteriorating, so he developed what he could in the darkroom. We wanted to find out more about this project, so we asked him a few questions about his work, which is currently on view at Casa de Costa in New York.

Huffington Post
Candy Girl (2011)
CNN: How to see Stockholm
A pair of American artists create a visual travel guide to Stockholm, inspired by the Millennium trilogy
Hiufu Wong, CNN

"Andy Dandy and Other works"
Galerie Hiltawsky, Tucholskystraße 41, 10117 Berlin
Läuft bis zum 22. Dezember 2012

Sascha Ehlert, INTERVIEW Berlin
A new book highlights the dreamy, the seedy and the atmospheric sides of Sweden, with a nod to the dark world of Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy. Read More...
from Tattoos Hornets Fire

This is a travel book unhinged from nostalgia and free from need to hype tradition. Filled with remarkable images, it's an ode to the NOW and enough to satisfy the curious and those with who, like Makos and Solberg, have recently fallen head over heels for Sweden.

Nick Schonberger, C O M P L E X art&design
Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone, Russia
taffy puller, Stockholm, Sweden 2011
PW’s Top 10: Travel

Louisa Ermelino, Publisher's Weekly
Alpha- Eucalyptus (2005)

Hilton Brothers at Galerie Catherine Houard

Christopher Makos était l'assistant, le bras droit de Warhol. Paul Solberg est également photographe, auteur d'un livre qui a fait date, Bloom. Les deux artistes se sont rencontrés il y a sept ans et, trouvant que leur sensibilité était proche, il ont décidé de s'unir pour former The Hilton Brothers, un nom qui sonne comme un groupe rock. Ils se sont amusés, par exemple, à photographier le même sujet et à comparer leur résultat et comment leur image exprime leur sensibilité. En studio, ils réunissaient les deux images pour en faire une seule. 1+1 = 3.

Jean-Sébastien Stehli, Madame Figaro
Montevideo, Uruguay 2010
It is a sunny October afternoon and I find myself sitting in front of my desk, with a blank stare fixed at my computer screen. Here I am: a writer at large working for an arts magazine who has been given the responsibility to write the main article for the upcoming issue; still, I have no clue what to write about. Nothing seems to happen in this town, nothing seems to fulfill me; and in spite of having sworn not to, I always find myself coming back to the subjects I promised to destroy. And now, as I am lying helpless, shuffling along in desperation and looking for something interesting to happen somewhere, it looks like my prays have been listened by something or someone much greater than me. Read More...
Article by Santiago Decarlini // Photography by Lucía Ferre, From New York with Love
One of Spain's esteemed curators of photography, Lola Garrido Armendáriz was director of photography projects for the Banesto Foundation and put together the collection that was subsequently donated to the MNCARS. She has directed the Fotocolectania Foundation for six years and the Canal de Isabel II for three years. She has curated numerous photography exhibitions and is a prominent collector. As an art critic, she contributes regularly to Cadena Ser, La Vanguardia, El País and other media outlets. Read More...
Curator, Lola Garrido
Raising the Bar in the Art World
Bursting into song in posh restaurants to the shock and horror of fellow diners, or walking about in ridiculous matching outfits, certainly gets the Hilton Brothers attention. Don't be fooled, though, because this artistic duo isn't just about performance in the public setting.
June Edwards, The Tribune (Dublin)
imagenes de flores n Marbella

La exposición fotográfica "Andy Dandy" expone por primera vez en Europa una colección de retratos del artista Andy Warhol ilustrados por The Hilton Brothers, y podrán observarse durante seis días en el Hotel Villa Padierna, situado en el municipio malagueño de Marbella.
Paul Solbergs Bloom featured in Holland's Radar
Paul Soberg has captured the richness and texture of his subjects so well that at times I felt they were finely illustrated water colored drawings - certainly no one can capture flowers as vividly as Mr. Soberg has managed to do! I am tempted to get a second copy for framing
P. Baron
Bloom Press
Publishers Weekly September 2005
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