Hilton Brothers: Father of Duchamp, Mother of Warhol

Makos and Solberg decided to become an artistic partner in 2004 and their first project consisted in elaborating a kind of dance by matching some of their series. Warhol's with Solberg's flowers, with clear mappelthorpian reminiscences, especially lilies, is one of the most successful.

In any case, Makos' portraits eclipse the rest of the exhibition; Especially Georgia O'Keefe. The painter, whom her beloved husband, the great photographer Alfred Stieglitz, had portrayed a thousand times naked for admiration and scandal? In the 1930s, he had been living with Juan Hamilton, a young potter who had not been separated from her by one millimeter since 1972. So much so, that it was impossible to make a single photograph. Makos got it.

He also portrayed his master Man Ray, William Burroughs, John Lennon and Warhol, of course.

The Hilton Brothers, who take their name not from the queen of hearts Paris Hilton, but from the Hilton Sisters, famous Siamese sisters who were vaudeville stars in the thirties, would represent an art whose father is Duchamp and whose mother is Warhol , According to the curator of the exhibition, Lola Garrido, in addition to embodying the model of contemporary artist who is always on the move, who does not stop traveling because "if he does disappear," as Solberg explained.

With all this, the couple seems to have found a formula to make room in the art market and, by the way, to travel and have fun. Makos says: "Our life is our art, and it is as much as we compose in our photographs, and we edit them. We like to have fun with our identity as much as to amuse others." Mistaken identity is accompanied by talks about photography and a workshop for young artists.

JM Matri FontEL PAIS, Spain