2005| “Introducing”, Sandunga Gallery, Granada, Spain, The Hilton Brothers (Makos, Solberg)
2005| “Color”, Ralph Pucci, NYC (solo)
2006| “Hippofolium”, Galeria Cayon, Madrid, Spain [The Hilton Brothers (Makos, Solberg)]
2006| “Makos Solberg The Hilton Brothers”, Flo Peters, Hamburg, Germany (Makos, Solberg, the Hilton Brothers)
2007| “Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg: the Hilton Brothers”, Sebastian Guinness Gallery [the Hilton Brothers (Makos-Solberg)]
2007| “The Brothers Are Coming”, Symrise, NYC (duo exhibition w/Christopher Makos)
2008| “Speechless”, Chiaroscuro Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ (Makos-Solberg)
2009| “Flower Power”, Villa Giulia, Centro Ricerca Arte Attuale, Torino, Italy (group)
2009| “Mistaken Identity”, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain (Makos-Solberg-the Hilton Brothers)
2009| “Mistaken Identity”, Espai Cultural Caja Madrid, Barcelona, Spain (Makos-Solberg-the Hilton Brothers)
2010| “Mistaken Identity”, Espacio para el Arte Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain (Makos-Solberg-the Hilton Brothers)
2010| “Three!”, Flo Peters Gallery, Hamburg, Germany (solo)
2010| “Andy Dandy” + “City Surf” Clic Galerie, Manhattan, NY [The Hilton Brothers (Makos, Solberg)]
2010| “New Bauhaus” Ralph Pucci, Manhattan NY, [The Hilton Brothers (Makos, Solberg)]
2011| “Phases of Sweden”, Ramscale Lofts, Manhattan, NY, [The Hilton Brothers (Makos, Solberg)]
2011|”The Hilton Brothers”, Galerie Catherine Houard, Paris, 2011-12 (Makos-Solberg-the Hilton Brothers)
2011| “Tyrants + Lederhosen”, Karl Hutter Fine Art, Los Angeles (Makos-Solberg)
2012| “Tyrants + Lederhosen” Christopher Henry Gallery, Manhattan, NY (Makos-Solberg-the Hilton Brothers)
2012| “Andy Dandy + Other Works”, Galerie Hiltawsky (Makos-Solberg-the Hilton Brothers)
2013| “Service”, Casa de Costa, NYC (solo)
2013|”1OUTSIDE”, Outdoor city-throughout Exhibition, Fort Lauderdale, FL (Makos-Solberg)
2014| “Service”, Boyd Satellite Gallery, New Orleans, LA (solo)
2016| “New York Stories”, Waldorf Astoria, Berlin (duo exhibition w/Christopher Makos)
2016| “Soli Insieme” (“Alone Together”), Palazzo Cozza Caposavi Bolsena, Italy (duo exhibition w/Christopher Makos)
2017| “Service”, American Embassy (Izolyatsia), Kyiv, Ukraine (solo)
2017| ”Spring”, Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, OH (Makos-Solberg-the Hilton Brothers)
2018| “Saints & Soldiers”, Seidel City, Boulder, CO (duo exhibition w/Christopher Makos)
2018| “Stories”, Peter Marcelle Gallery, Manhattan, NY (solo)
2019| “We the People”, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (duo exhibition w/Christopher Makos)
2019| “24th Annual Summer Benefit” (Bob Wilson), Watermill, New York (group)
2019| “No Collusion”, Seidel City, Boulder, CO (duo exhibition w/Christopher Makos)
2021| “Artworks: Christopher Makos + Paul Solberg” MM Fine Art, Southampton, NY (Makos-Solberg-the Hilton Brothers)
2022| “Andy in Nature” (2022), Forest Hall, Milford, PA (duo exhibition w/Christopher Makos)
2023| “The Art of Men’s Style”, Fahey Klein Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (group)
2023| “FLUXUS”, Ralph Pucci, NY, LA, Miami (solo)
2024| “Finding Fame & Storytelling”, Villazan Gallery, Madrid