boyd | satellite gallery S E R V I C E

Service 19
Paul Solberg

FEB 1 - MARCH 29, 2014

440 Julia Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

Paul Solberg’s S E R V I C E, makes its southern debut at boyd | satellite gallery in the great American city of New Orleans. Recently featured in such publications as NY Daily News, Huffington Post, the former Le Journal de Photographie, and Vault Magazine.

The twenty limited edition portraits that embody SERVICE are from imperfect SX70 Polaroid film, taken over a four-day period during “Fleet Week”, Memorial Day weekend, 2010. Solberg pursued the portrait project until the particular film stock that he had selected ran out. The fragility of this damaged film, while manipulating the tone by manipulating the film’s temperature freezing the film, warming the film, the story was revealed. His discovery of these faces coming through the film was interrupted when in just days after shooting, all of the faces had vanished from the developed film. The chemical instability of the film left a blank space where the faces had existed. Half of the images were immediately scanned after photographing, and many vanished with no record. Of the men and women he photographed, these images are what remain. Left with the surviving pictures, Solberg decided to follow the story instead of control it, understanding the missing faces, like in war, is the inevitable true story.