various editions
Study 602 from EIGHT Series, 2008 (Berlin)
Study 616 (2008) from EIGHT Series (Hamburg, Germany)
Study 619 and Study 616 from EIGHT Series (2008)
"Study 616" at 737 Park Avenue
Seurat (2008) size: 44” x 65.5 /111.8 cm x 166.4cm
Piaf, 2008 at Catherine Houard Galerie, Paris
Piaf (left), Study 602 (middle), Red Tulip Right (Right) Houard Gallery, Paris
2 Red Tulip diptych (2008)
Space 5 (left), Space 6 (right)
Space 3 (left), Space 5 (right)
Service 11 (44"X44")
SERVICE installation, Miller Gallery
unique installation
Deconstruct 159, 2008
Yen (left), Water (right) from Bloom Series, 2005
"Bloom" exhibition, Gerbert Contemporary
"The Deep 2" (2008)
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Dead Sea, 2009
From Sicily to Jordan, Cairo to Vietnam, back to the wild and the un-wild American west; from the skin of a flower petal, to ethereal portraits of sailors, Ten Years in Pictures...