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Dead Sea, 2009
Dead Sea, 2009
Released: October 18, 2015

From Sicily to Jordan, Cairo to Vietnam, back to the wild and the un-wild American west; from the skin of a flower petal, to ethereal portraits of sailors, Ten Years in Pictures showcases rising photographer Paul Solberg’s diverse and poignant photographs.

Ten Years in Pictures also includes artworks as diverse as soulful animal portraits, an intimate portrait of Ai Weiwei, and haunting faces of America’s Armed Forces from Solberg’s Service series. Each photograph takes the viewer on an escape into another world. The book is sequenced in a deliberate, thought-provoking way, often emphasizing the sculptural quality of many of Solberg’s photographs. This is Paul Solberg’s fifth book of photography, his first book being Bloom (Glitterati Incorporated 2005). Paul Solberg’s photography is geographically and topically varied, while remaining consistently captivating.

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Updated: Oct-18-2015
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