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Paul Solberg
Released: September 11, 2013

The new pet for the extreme pet enthusiast, the semi-wild... mostly wild.. Savannah Cat.

Glenn Albin, one of the Mayors of the original Miami,
Florida, appropriately the Capital State for inappropriate breading. Anyway Glenn called me with the idea
of shooting what was called a “Savannah” Cat for Vault Magazine. Savannah is defined as part wild cat, and part well, not wild. Actually the Savannah cat is half African wild cat and half domestic. My guess is these genetics can vary depending on the cat. All I know is when this cat.. my cat, for one hour, a magical unforgettable hour.. was put in an enclosed space, a photography studio. It was big jumping, big thrusting, slithering, to unknown spaces deep in the studio. And waiting quietly, hoping nothing would be in its mouth when he arrived back. Hoping he'd arrive back.

This was an exhilarating time, but not the easiest
shoot. It was a day I was expecting this interesting hybrid to be presented to me, sort of like the Labra-doodle of the cat world, and it became really about survival. I ended up hiding behind my camera as the mysterious creature flung itself in contortions over my head.

Well I think the cat had a good time and enjoyed
being photographed.

Maybe for the New Yorker this trendy pet isn't such
a good idea. But for those looking for adventure, a gentle warning, but no one is judging.

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Updated: Sep-13-2013
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