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Label: Glitterati New York
Released: April 15, 2005

When nature and art merge, brilliant and unexpected things can happen. Here, in conjunction with photographer/editor Christopher Makos, breakout artist Paul Solberg has created an astonishing collection of photographs. Solberg's BLOOM takes an oft-visited subject-flowers-and approaches it from a new, bold angle.

Working in a still-life, studio format, Solberg created sumptuous floral portraits detailing living entities. He captured the flowers at the moment of their most extraordinary beauty: when they are first blossoming. The reader will simultaneously see the static quality and ongoing nature of the living bloom: In almost three-dimensional work, the photo effervesces with tranquility.

Unlike the catalogue-esque quality of many books dedicated to flowers, BLOOM is not bogged down with saccharin sentimentality, and its images are crafted with precision and clarity. Paul Solberg is a photographic version of Georgia O'Keeffe as he turns petals into organic sculpture, blooms into modern architecture and curving stems into Balanchine dancers. Set against solid-colored backgrounds, the shots are as much about the space created around the flowers as the flowers themselves.

From the first time Christopher Makos and Ralph Pucci were introduced to Paul Solberg's work, they knew that they had found a new talent. World-renowned photographer Makos was impressed by a man new to his field, and recognized in Solberg a "hunger to know coupled with a love of beauty and a sense of wonder." And Ralph Pucci, a highly-regarded designer, thought his work was "fresh, modern, clean."

BLOOM's incredible beauty carries a universal quality, and it is sure to appeal to florists, fashion-lovers and art aficionados alike. But most of all, the book will create a following for the never-before-published Paul Solberg.

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