Curator of "Mistaken Identity"

Speaking about the exhibition, the curator Lola Garrido said, "The spirit of Warhol is an obligatory reference when assessing the work of the Hilton Brothers because of the statement that everything is beautiful: objects, merchandise and even all of us, at least at some point of our lives, are beautiful. If there is anything that is illuminating in the work of these photographers, it is the fact that documenting countries and travels, and then mixing and deconstructing them, results in the disappearance of what is real, a crucial part of that lost identity that gives rise to the new identity.

Their works are the product of travels, of controlled adventures, journeys of knowledge and renewed knowledge, and yet the only thing that exists in their work is a permanent affirmation of appearances. As opposed to theory, their work is fashioned with the weapons of humour, irony, parody and contrast.

The Hiltons are artists of the here and now, and artists of themselves. As Barthes noted about the discourse of advertising, they are capable of living life as if it were one long quote, rather than as a fatality."

Curator, Lola Garrido