Utah (2007)
Prince (2006)
We Come in Peace, 2005
Onion No. 3, 2005
Contortion, 2010
Abandoned Hangar Colorado, 2011
Boat Song, Vietnam, 2009
Jordan, 2008
Paris, 2006
Aswan, 2009
Worker, 2011
Karnak, 2009
Not Kelly Green, 2011
Empire State, 2006
Petra (Jordan 2007)
Miami, 2012
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10 September - 31 October 2016

Palazzo Cozza Caposavi

An intimate window of two contrasting solo careers and their interwoven 12-year collaboration of Makos + Solberg, and the Hilton Brothers.

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Saturday - September 10, 2016
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Bolsena Italy
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Photographers Chris Makos and Paul Solberg interviewed on TVE in Madrid about the DOG photos
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For a photographer, the first impression makes your job much easier, and signing up for the challenge to photograph your home town, this was challenging. We all get a little used to our surroundings if we see it every day, no matter how remarkable.
It's a really powerful exercise, wherever you live, to take a camera and photograph your own town. You don't have to be a "photographer". It forces you to look closely at the place you call home, and you will walk away seeing things differently.
This quick New York story was particularly challenging because we had 4 days to complete the shooting and editing of the pictures. Some of the pictures, like the photo of "Wisdom, Light and Sound" by muralist Lee Lawrie, also known as the main entrance of 30 Rockefeller Center, was taken a few hours before we had to turn in the pictures for the article.
Going inside the doors of 30 Rock, there are spectacular murals in the lobby. Well there's a wonderful New York story that apparently Rockefeller was interested in Matisse and Picasso to do the mural for the entrance of 30 Rock. Picasso apparently wouldn't even meet with some of the project's architects to discuss the project, and Matisse was appalled by the notion of his work in a bustling office building lobby. The murals ended up being beautifully executed by artist José Maria Sert....