Utah (2007)
Prince (2006)
We Come in Peace, 2005
Onion No. 3, 2005
Contortion, 2010
Abandoned Hangar Colorado, 2011
Boat Song, Vietnam, 2009
Jordan, 2008
Paris, 2006
Aswan, 2009
Worker, 2011
Karnak, 2009
Not Kelly Green, 2011
Empire State, 2006
Petra (Jordan 2007)
Miami, 2012
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"Charlie" by Paul Solberg for the launch of VAULT Magazine, May 2012
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Paul Solberg's work, however, juxtapositions itself in strong contrast to that of Makos. The Photographer, whom Christopher Makos on his part allegedly called "America's most modern photographer" was born in 1969 in Minnesota/USA. He went through college studying Anthropology in Cape Town and Bophuthatswana/South Africa.. For the last ten years he and Christopher Makos have been working together as an artistic pair under the pseudonym The Hilton Brothers. Within these as well as Solberg's personal works the flower takes the central focus. Solberg's first publication Bloom from 2005 commits itself entirely to the flower and it's still-life-like portrayal. Solberg manages to show the object in an ever-new perspective, avoiding any kind of kitsch and at the same never too afraid to show the finest of details: making the feel and texture of the surface visible and creating an almost three-dimensional mini-universe. Apart from works from the Bloom cycle the Gallery also shows Solberg's ethereous white flowers and expressive Flower-portraits from his Flower Project....